Vintage harvesters set world record to help end global hunger

Global News

LANGENBURG, Sask. – Thousands of farmers and their families gathered last summer in Saskatchewan to break a world record, as well as raise money to help end world hunger.

On Aug. 24 2013, around 6,500 people attended the Old Tyme Harvest for Hunger Festival in Langenburg, Sask., raising $135,000.

Forty-one antique threshing machines ran simultaneously, breaking a world record for most operating at the same time.

Watch the video below: Harvesters break world record for the hungry

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According to the World Record Academy, the previous record of 29 was set in 2008 in Wisconsin, United States.

Last month, the cheque was presented to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank for their record-setting efforts.

The money raised is enough to provide a month’s worth of emergency food rations for over 11,000 people in the developing world.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of 15 churches and agencies working to end global…

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